Data Integration


Data Integration

In many organizations, the mainframe is the heart of the business. It’s where the most current and critical customer and transaction data is stored. It’s a very rich source for analytics.

New big data platforms have evolved on distributed platforms without the same constraints for security and reliability, and their applications for data integration are simply not designed for file systems like VSAM and QSAM, or cost-effective access to DB2.

Veristorm can help you integrate mainframe enterprise data into big data analytics solutions with minimal effort, respect for governance, and real cost savings in MIPS and storage.

Designed for Mainframe but runs on Linux

vStorm Enterprise was designed from the ground up to tackle the most important and difficult data integration challenges from day one.

  • Integrates with RACF, Top Secret and other security solutions to restrict access to data per user

  • Use the point-and-click UI to copy files immediately as-needed, or save them for use with the built-in scheduler or your own scheduler

  • DB2 files are extracted with a binary unload and immediately streamed to the Linux target. This reduces MIPS and eliminates staging.

  • VSAM and other file types are streamed to the Linux target without staging.

  • All data conversion is performed in-flight by the destination system. There are no MIPS for data conversion.

vStorm Enterprise supports important mainframe sources:

  • Multiple COBOL copybooks

  • PL/1 metadata

  • DB2

  • CA Datacom


  • VSAM and QSAM

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For situations where data governance is a primary concern, Veristorm provides zDoop, a Hadoop distribution that runs on Linux on System z IFLs. With zDoop you can leverage the Hadoop ecosystem without exporting your data from System z.

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