Veristorm and Abzooba Announce Partnership

Veristorm and Abzooba Announce Partnership

Release Date: 
Thursday, April 28, 2016

New services available to accelerate big data on cloud adoption in financial, banking and insurance industries

Santa Clara, CA (April 28, 2016)— Today, Veristorm announced a partnership with Abzooba to accelerate delivery of predictive analytics and information sharing solutions to enterprise clients. It’s expected to deliver benefits to:

  • Abzooba’s professionals can help quickly deploy big data platforms like Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases. In combination with Veristorm’s data integration software, they can more rapidly integrate those platforms with enterprise systems and unstructured data sources. The net result will be less time getting systems into production.

  • Veristorm and Abzooba can accelerate implementation of cloud-based big data solutions. Veristorm’s software enables data integration to multiple platforms so that clients can select the optimum platform for each project.

  • Abzooba’s expertise and software can help clients built data models and predictive analytics solutions that leverage enterprise and unstructured data for a rich, hybrid solution.

For banks, financial services, and insurance clients, the announced partnership will mean help quickly building solutions to increase cross-selling and upselling to retail and commercial customers, more accurately assessing the value and risks of offers to particular prospects, and the rapid, assured ROI of leveraging searchable archives to reduce costs.

“Our clients have untapped opportunity in their stores of enterprise transaction data”, said Sanjay Mazumder, CEO and a founder of Veristorm. “With Abzooba we can help financial services clients go from concept to ROI quickly.”

Arnab Bose, Managing Director, Data Sciences with Abzooba said “Our partnership will enable us to focus on ROI of predictive analytics and minimize enterprise data integration challenges. With Veristorm we can help clients reduce costs and risks while increasing revenue from their customers.”

About Abzooba

Abzooba Inc. is a US based data analytics and big data organization. Our head office is in Milpitas, California with Indian centers in Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. We focus on text analytics, advanced analytics, predictive data modelling of structured and unstructured data using our indigenous next generation data analytics engine – XPRESSO.

Founded in 2010, we were rated as one of the “Top Analytics Company 2012” in the world. We have strategic business relationships with large IT companies and talent sourcing tie ups with IIT KGP, IIM Lucknow, ISI Kolkata, Wright State University and top Indian Institute of Technology schools in India. We create products and solutions to enable data driven decision making across retail, healthcare and insurance.


About Veristorm

Veristorm, Inc helps enterprises gain more from their chosen analytics solutions with the leading technology for importing transactional and operational data. The vStorm Enterprise solution has been proven in financial institutions and others to provide secure access to enterprise data at lower cost and lower latency than current alternatives.


Contact: Mike Combs, Veristorm, 978-996-3580,