Veristorm Expands Enterprise to Big Data Integration Options

Veristorm Expands Enterprise to Big Data Integration Options

Release Date: 
Monday, September 28, 2015

Support for MongoDB and Spark bring more options to analytics and data processing

Santa Clara, CA (September 28, 2015) — Veristorm today announced new data integration options for businesses seeking to deploy predictive analytics and data processing solutions. Veristorm’s innovative vStorm Connect software now supports direct integration to MongoDB, and all of Veristorm’s products now support Apache Spark.

With vStorm Connect, enterprise customers can eliminate the delay and expense of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) projects when integrating mainframe data into big data platforms.  In recent use cases, vStorm Connect’s in-flight data conversion has cut data integration project costs by 90% and increased transfer rates by 400%.

With announced support for MongoDB, users can import critical enterprise data directly and gain 360° views of millions of customers, make better decisions, deliver new mobile apps and more. MongoDB users gain faster access to enterprise data through vStorm Enterprise’s point-and-click UI, or through automated transfers. No knowledge of mainframe technologies is required, allowing for immediate use of the data.

Customers deploying Apache Spark for large-scale, in-memory computing or fast analytics can leverage Veristorm software on their platform of choice. Veristorm’s vStorm Connect software provides automated near real-time access to mainframe data into the Hadoop platform, including HDFS, Hive, and HBase. Veristorm Data Hub (VDH) and zDoop are Veristorm’s Hadoop distributions for Linux on Power and mainframe servers, allowing the enterprise to use their infrastructure of choice as well.

“Veristorm continues to add new sources and targets to our industry leading data integration platform, enabling fast access to the richest store of enterprise data”, said Sanjay Mazumder, Founder and CEO of Veristorm. “Faster processing and more options will enable new services and new market insights for our customers.”

More information about vStorm Connect and Spark is available on Veristorm’s website.

About Veristorm

Veristorm provides innovative data management and integration solutions to accelerate next-generation analytics and large-scale data processing. Through Veristorm, customers can reduce existing computing and storage costs while realizing immediate value from their enterprise data hub. Veristorm’s vStorm Connect software copies mainframe transaction, log, and metadata into the leading big data and data processing platforms without staging complexity or costs. Through vStorm Connect, data scientists gain point-and-click, near-real time access to DB2, VSAM, PL/1, CA IDMS, CA Datacomm/DB and more.

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