Veristorm Introduces vStorm Performance Manager: Lightweight Mainframe Server Analytics

Veristorm Introduces vStorm Performance Manager: Lightweight Mainframe Server Analytics

Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flexible reporting tools and real-time data access help resource optimization and capacity planning

Santa Clara, CA (May 07, 2014) — Veristorm today announced the release of vStorm Performance Manager, a lightweight Linux-based solution for leading mainframe servers. Through interactive charts, users can identify resource utilization and gain insight into current performance to identify workload trends and predict future capacity needs. The vStorm Performance Manager software runs on Linux on the mainframe server, avoiding utilization of general processor capacity and leveraging a development environment where it is easy to customize and extend the reports.

With vStorm Performance Manager, users can look into workload, virtual machine, and processor utilization, including activity on specialized processors optimized for Java or I/O. With this information, users can optimize workload distribution across time, virtual machines and processors for better performance and lower usage costs. Using historical charts, administrators can add trend lines to anticipate future capacity needs.

Len Santalucia, CTO of Vicom Infinity, an IBM Premier Business Partner, said "We work closely with our clients to maximize their ROI, and there’s long been a real need for a lightweight and inexpensive solution that could help plan future system requirements in time to meet them. In less than an hour, vStorm Performance Manager can be installed and visualizing data."

“Once you remove the complexity of ETL (extract, transform, load) processes and provide easy data access, all kinds of solutions become possible,” said Sanjay Mazumder, Founder and CEO of Veristorm. “We realized we could extend our mainframe data access technology to provide a lean application that users can customize and extend independently of large product delivery cycles.”

Free 60-day Trial

Users interested in vStorm Performance Manager can try it for free for 60-days by visiting

Part of the vStorm Family

The vStorm Performance Manager software joins Veristorm’s vStorm Enterprise and zDoop products, leveraging Veristorm’s proprietary technology for near real-time data access and in-flight data conversion to mainframe servers.

About Veristorm

Veristorm helps enterprises take full advantage of their entire dataset, including their most sensitive enterprise data, for analytics solutions that leverage big data, reduce the cost of development, and ensure security.  Through Veristorm’s virtual appliance data connector technology and zDoop, the industry’s first commercial Hadoop distribution for Linux on the mainframe, we’re bringing the best of mainframe and distributed technologies to bear on classic problems and new opportunities. Veristorm is an IBM Business Partner. For more information, visit

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