451 Research Insights Report

451 Research Insights Report

Veristorm expands focus from mainframe to cloud data integration


17 JUN 2016

Best known as a purveyor of mainframe data integration and migration software, Veristorm has expanded its capabilities. The recent launch of Veristorm’s vStorm Enterprise 3.0 highlights that, while its mainframe expertise is a differentiator for the company, Veristorm is shifting its focus to the cloud.


Veristorm’s initial strategy was based on bringing Hadoop to mainframe data. That established the company’s expertise with regard to both mainframe application and big-data analytics, but it is clear from the company’s expanded strategy that a larger opportunity exists to bring mainframe data to Ha- doop and other data platforms, especially those in the cloud. Cloud migration is a subject area that the company’s founders know well, and its established OEM partnerships mean that it’s getting involved in some large-scale projects. Customer deals are taking time to move from proof of concept (PoC) to production, but the shift to cloud could help accelerate that process and help the company land some big-name reference customers. 



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