Secure analytics with Hadoop for System z Linux


Veristorm’s zDoop platform is the industryʼs first commercial Hadoop distribution for Linux on System z. It avoids staging and offloading of your mainframe data which allows you to maintain existing security and governance controls. By keeping the data on System z, it provides quick access and eliminates governance and installation delays.


Hadoop Quickstart

Start faster with a lightweight and familiar Apache Hadoop on Linux environment for big data projects.


Same-footprint IFLs

Use your existing mainframe IFLs (dedicated processors for Linux) or grow as-needed with IBM’s Capacity on Demand for IFLs.



Keep your data on System z for maximum control and governance and minimum costs of replicated data.

The Fastest Way to Deploy Hadoop on a Mainframe

With as few as two IFLs and an hour, you can get started with Hadoop! And with zDoop, users gain the benefits of Hadoop without having to move their sensitive enterprise data off platform.

Veristorm’s zDoop enables access to the rapid innovation and expanded talent pools in the Big Data ecosystem, keeps your data on System z for security and reliability, and uses Integrated Facilities for Linux (IFLs) for processing and analytics without MIPs.

zDoop includes open source Apache Hadoop and is optimized for System z. It supports Avro for compressed storage of data and Hive for familiar SQL access to data. Hadoop gives data scientists access to a rich and rapidly evolving ecosystem of analytics and visualization applications.

zDoop runs on Linux within zVM, so familiar management and reliability tools and applications remain available. With the Hadoop virtual cluster running within Linux, processing and analytics do not incur MIPS charges.

Scalability of zDoop is efficient: Adding additional IFLs scales performance nearly linearly.

If used with vStorm Enterprise, then data transferred from z/OS sources like DB2 or VSAM are encrypted during transfer and access to data is offered to users only according to the authorizations detailed by RACF.

The vStorm Enterprise platform includes vStorm Connect to collect z/OS data sources for processing and zDoop for analytics through Hadoop on Linux on System z.a

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Using Hadoop to gain insights from mainframe data, a joint point of view from IBM and Veristorm