Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value in data analytics, particularly related to performance, forecasting and innovation. The sheer volume and variety of usable data has exponentially increased, thereby creating a massive business challenge. Large-scale data integration combined with improved accuracy of predictive analytics have started disrupting industries such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, etc.

Veristorm Professional Services provides expert advisory services and implementation to help you get the most out of your data integration and analytics investment.

Our expert consultants draw from years of experience working with leading organizations to create cutting-edge data strategies and executing successful integration initiatives that are operational and critical to long-term business success.

In unifying enterprise data for superior performance and analytics, Veristorm strategically merges business and IT to ensure data driven discovery and optimal decision making.

Key Features

A key enabler of data quality and data governance initiatives

Data Governance

Strategy Mapping and Assessment

In this stage, Veristorm sets the stage with key stakeholders in your organisation to define the scope, objectives and deliverables fir the business, based on our expertise in the data integration use cases in your industry. A strategic program map and project plan are developed to support interim and ultimate business objectives.

Business Case Development

In collaboration with program sponsors, this phase involves Veristorm’s consultative approach of identifying and verifying the business justification for proposed solutions as well as an appraisal of the associated costs, risks, and returns in the recommended investments. This allows for the program feasibility and value determination.

Program Maturity Analysis

Veristorm then benchmarks the existing data integration platform against industry best standards to examine its inherit functional capabilities, so as to ascertain and make calculated recommendations with opportunities for any potential performance improvement program expansion as well as related investments.

Pilot Project Implementation

After the scope has been defined and benchmarking against existing technology and methods has been completed, Veristorm applies a combination of proprietary (vStorm Enterprise Platform) and open source technology platforms to fit your organization’s requirements, targeted to optimal business outcomes.

Functional Performance Validation

Veristorm will lead a thorough performance validation to ensure system functionality and efficacy against anticipated program performance. We help define metrics source directly form the vStorm Enterprise platform and identify alternative means for data mining as needed, so as to ultimately create a plan of ongoing analytics that will bring the greatest value to your business.

Blueprint for Operationalization

The final step is the handoff to Veristorm’s Implementation team, your organization’s own internal Operations team, or an established service partner to deploy the program into production to be sustained and managed on an ongoing basis. We deliver a long-term strategy to operationalize the blueprint created for your business for technology, process and support.

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