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Real Time Data Governance

Enterprise Data Governance and Streaming Data

Increasing focus on streaming analytics and real-time data-driven decision making at scale, is rapidly revolutionizing the IT ecosystem and data governance landscape in organizations.

Traditional data governance tools, policies and processes are inadequate for enterprises analyzing and responding in real time to streaming data and multiple live data streams.

Key Features

A key enabler of data quality and data governance initiatives

Can handle many data sources

Works with variety of data destinations

Generate and route metadata and audit information

Validate and transform data in flight

Report metrics on data flows

Generate streaming analytics

Track ETL processes

Provide end-to-end traceability

Continually track critical data elements

Raised alerts based on detected anomalies

Handle both in-premise and on-cloud sources and destinations

Provide flexible deployment options

Centrally available as web service to all systems

Multiple integration options for complex environments

More Features

  • Manage streaming data schema and validation errors
  • Generate streaming data reports and analytics
  • Enrich streaming data with attributes from application APIs and repositories
  • Raise alerts and notify personnel based on anomaly detection
  • Integrate with Enterprise data governance and risk management solutions
  • Transform streaming data
  • Log audit records securely
  • Schema registry for validating source & destination APIs/schemas and message schemas
  • Insert standard headers on messages flowing through for characteristics and usage (source, size, etc.)
  • Monitor data flowing through the organization
  • Pluggable custom data quality checks and business rule validations
  • Configure and execute data integrity, privacy and security checks on data streams

Data Governance

Having access to real-time, accurate, consistent and reliable data across the enterprise.

Enables delivery of metrics based on data cleansing, enrichment, standardization, audit trails and security requirements.

Continuously and automatically building quality, reliability, auditability and traceability.

Demonstrating early benefits and overall return on investment.

Demonstrating business benefits against short, medium and long term goals through improved data quality, governance and MDM efforts.

A platform that lets you extend its functionality by plugging in your specific custom applications or algorithms.

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