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1 Mar, 2016

In the course of working on a new solution guide with one of our partners, we uncovered a popular use case that—like a treasured family recipe—is often shared without a key ingredient.

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30 Dec, 2015

Hadoop is expanding its footprint in large enterprises, and transitioning from trial to production deployments. That’s good for innovative organizations, but it is bringing new challenges for data scientists. Among those challenges is the not-so-...

30 Dec, 2015

The revolution of Big Data and analytics technologies are driving changes throughout the business intelligence stack, enabling the integration of unstructured data that either didn’t exist or wasn’t previously collected. 

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30 Dec, 2015

Apache Spark is being adopted as a general data engine for big data processing. Speed, ease of use, support for a large number of programming languages, compatibility with multiple resource managers and distributed databases are the...

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30 Dec, 2015

How leaps in data transfer efficiency can deliver quick new gains

One of the problems with data integration and mainframe modernization projects is that they are projects. Before you can realize gains in performance,...