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Vstorm Enterprise

The best way to copy enterprise data to big data


Veristorm’s vStorm Enterprise software brings near-real-time access to z/OS data so you can break mainframe quarantine and integrate your data across your IT infrastructure. With fast, self-service access to data, data analysts can bypass Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) in favor of Extract, Load, and Transform-in-Hadoop (EL-TH).

Point-and-Click Easy

Convert and copy data and metadata without programming. VSAM, QSAM, COBOL and PL/1 copybook parsing are fully automated.

Integrated Governance

Rest easy with support for leading mainframe security and batch scheduling systems, and robust data encryption.

Fast and Affordable

4X faster. 10% the MIPS cost. Our patent-pending in-flight technology has no staging and no MIPS for data conversion.

Efficient and Flexible Architecture

vStorm Enterprise runs on Linux for maximum efficiency. For mainframe data sources like VSAM and QSAM, data is extracted from the mainframe in binary form and streamed to the target system.

The binary streaming technology used by vStorm Enterprise enables near-real-time access to data while eliminating staging. When compared to Apache Sqoop for DB2 and other JDBC sources, customers save MIPS and staging costs.



Mainframe files

  • DB2, IDMS, Datacom


  • IMS

  • Sequential files

  • System log files

  • Operator log files

Hadoop Distributions (Cloudera, HortonWorks, BigInsights)

Others: Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, Postgres, Netezza

  • Distributed Hadoop, including Cloudera, Hortonworks and IBM BigInsights

  • Hadoop Ecosystem (Hive, Spark, Kafka)

  • NoSQL Database like MongoDB

  • Cloud (Amazon S3)

  • Oracle, DB2 Blue, Postgres

  • Linux servers (local and remote)

  • Linux on System z and System p

  • High Performance Computing appliances, Data Governance Products

Veristorm adds mainframe data to big data

Can a 60-second video save your weekend? Here's the fast and easy way to improve big data by adding enterprise data from your mainframe server. Transactions, logs, customers, inventory... Now it's easy to bring them all into your Hadoop distribution.

Mainframe big data projects today: What's working?

Strata + Hadoop World Solutions Showcase Mainframe big data projects today: What's working? by Mike Combs, VP of Marketing for Veristorm

Big Data ROI and Analytics made easy for Mainframes

Everyone talks about big data, but where's the proven ROI? Veristorm explains how data integration from mainframe to Hadoop can shorten the time it takes to enrich analytics and immediately reduce mainframe costs.

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The company’s expanded strategy [brings] mainframe data to Hadoop and other data platforms, especially those in the cloud. Cloud migration is a subject area that the company’s founders know well.

Download this Gigaom Research paper by Paul Miller for FREE.

With seamless integration to Cloudera’s CDH, Veristorm’s vStorm Enterprise provides a no-ETL, no-staging capability for moving mainframe data to Hadoop.

Questions about vStorm Enterprise

This profile will examine how Veristorm’s unique approach to Hadoop deployment enables large- scale enterprises to leverage their existing mainframe and other legacy data center resources to harvest their Big Data assets and achieve their business objectives.

The vStorm Enterprise platform includes vStorm Connect to collect z/OS data sources for processing and zDoop for analytics through Hadoop on Linux on System z.a

Using Hadoop to gain insights from mainframe data, a joint point of view from IBM and Veristorm

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