• Real-time
    • Provide analytics on real time streaming data from a wide variety of internal and external data sources to identify and predict specific problems and their impact. 
    • Real time monitoring of latency, traffic, errors and saturations from log data from customer experience, user traffic, end to end transaction data, machine data; and Identify bottleneck and redundancy to design and build redundancy (SRE Requirements)
    • Invoke DataOps/DevOps Pipeline with runtime processes with context-sensitive parameters transferring data from stage to stage, and “monitor” pipeline execution. (DevOps/DataOps)
    • Provides a non-intrusive way to gather and analyze streaming data for real-time security and governance purposes without impacting your core business applications (Data Governance)
  • Centralized
    • Monitoring and visualizing security in multiple places using multiple tools and analytics is too hard. 
    • Integrate best-of-breed, point solutions into our centralized pipeline to feed real-time security dashboards. 
    • Implement centralized real-time data monitoring and visualization of streaming data in one place. 
  • Automation and productivity
    • Collects and analyzes data in an effort to identify targets for automation
  • Extensibility 
    • A platform that lets you extend its functionality by plugging in your specific custom applications or algorithms.
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