Get to know us

Company Overview

The only company that provides secure, low-latency data integration optimized for the unique requirements of banking, insurance, healthcare, utilities and retail

Product architecture proven to be faster, more flexible, and less expensive to operate than alternatives

Integrated with leading big data technologies including MapReduce, Spark, and NoSQL and leading cloud platforms from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle

Established partnerships with IBM, CA and Oracle

HQ Santa Clara, CA • Founded July 2013

2014: vStorm Enterprise product launched, IBM OEM completed

2015: CA OEM completed, Oracle partnership

2016: IBM OEM expanded with $500K annual prepaid license revenue

People and culture

Sanjay Mazumder and Anil Varkhedi were the founders of RiverMeadow, a company that specializes in ISPs, MSPs, and cloud services.

Sanjay Mazumder, who has 25+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry, serves as the CEO. He previously worked at Lucent (Nokia), Telcordia (Ericsson) and IBM.

Anil Varkhedi, the CTO, has 25+ years of experience in distributed and cloud computing, and has also worked at IBM and Unisys.

The leadership team also included Ed Franklin, the EVP of Corp and Biz Dev, who has 30+ years of experience in telecom, software, infrastructure, and security, having previously worked at Virtustream, Verizon, and MCI. Yannick Barel, the VP of Global Sales, has a background in IBM Global Mainframe Sales, with 20 years of experience in IBM Mainframe and Information Management. Lastly, Mike Combs, the VP of Marketing, has 25 years of experience in product, service, and cloud, and has previously worked at RiverMeadow and IBM.